Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Staff Day Out... ^_^

This is our late entry update due to our hectic schedule... Our staff development trip to Temburong last weekend [19th April 2009]

Our GB decided to take the staff out on another development program... this time around we travel through to Temburong and had our visit to 3 schools namely Sekolah Rendah Selangan, Sekolah Rendah Amo and Sekolah Rendah Selapon.

Teachers gather at Soon Lee Liang and left with 3 cars on a mission to get to Temburong on time. Some teachers decided to take a boat ride with the excuse of 'adventure' [tapinya passport nada!] :p so they arrived earlier. While the other 3 cars went on an exciting road trip to Limbang then head on to Temburong. It was definitely a good day for a drive... :) since it was so much fun, we didn't realise we had driven for nearly 3 hours when we reached. :)

Once in Temburong, we parked our cars in JSS and got on a bus for the next adventure. First school we went to was Sekolah Rendah Selangan...

The teacher on the bus! Den was hungry... :)

1st school we visited... :) We were welcomed with open arms by their friendly staff...

Staff of SR Selangan...

The Head Master giving a briefing to us... :)

SRM teachers listening to the briefing

Exchange of souvenirs...

SR Merangking staff with SR Selangan staff memoir...

A group picture with SR Amo staff... :)

Cikgu Jamal touring one of the booths they had for students... SR Amo's Head Master giving explanations...

One for memory lane sir! :)

Exchange souvenirs with SR Selapon Head MasterGroup picture with some of SR Selapon staff members...

End and End meet, A beginning of a beautiful friendship... :)

I can tell, eveyrone had a great time during the visit... We wished one of our teacher, Cikgu Zuraidah, was there but she is on rest from her accident until 4th of May. Get Well Zuraidah! We miss you at work! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Project Warisan Budaya pictorial report...

Since everyone is exhausted from PWB.. we will leave you with the pictures of today and you be the judge how it really went... :)

Early risers huh...? :)

A gather for morning exercise...

Cikgu Ahmad Sarkawe and Cikgu Johari was also there to give support...

Our Cikgu Jamal stretching... :)

Even the paramedics didn't wanna miss the fun... :)

Begins going up...

And up they climbed...

The breakfast gathering at SR Sg Liang Hall...

Group dividing...

Pupils listening to Gulintangan briefing...

Gulintangan workshop for 4 groups in the hall...

While the other 3 groups...
Cikgu Noor Siti Azimah [in white] explaing how 'Congkak' is played

Practice makes perfect, kids ... :)

Cikgu Noor Siti Azlina teaching pupils to play 'Pasang'

Pupils hand-on with Pasang

Cikgu Zeti teaching students the traditional game 'Batu Simban'

Pupils having good laughs... :) You seriously can't learn this from PS3! :p

Our Cikgu Dini trying out the gong, he's good too! :)

Our chairman with Guest of Honor, Awangku Abdullah bin Pengiran Haji Tengah,
Director, Department of Curriculum Development

Opening speech by the chairman, Cikgu Jamal bin Gantar

Gulintangan performance from the 'Labik' group

Some cultural stage performances were also shown to entertain guests which included participants from:

Silat performance from SR Merangking

Story-telling by SR Labi

Traditional Malay Persandingan [wedding] performance from SR OKPB Bukit Sawat

Fashion runway by SR Lumut

Poem recitation from SR PSN Pengiran Mohd. Yusof

Hadrah performance from SR Muhammad Alam with teacher in charge, Cikgu Boby Zakri

Puisi recitaton from SR PSB SOAS

A Joget performed by students of SR Ahmad Tajuddin...

The Guest of Honour presenting a souvenir to our very own Izz Fikry of Year 1

And the hall is cleared after a longday... :D

CONGRATULATIONS to all staff of SRM and teachers from respected schools for their efforts in making the event possible! :) It was a great day filled with cultural activities and laughter from both teachers and students... :D

Hope to see you again soon in the next update... till then.. Goodnight all... :)

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