Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Semua warga Sekolah Rendah Merangking, Ulu Belait ingin mengucapkan


Our school's schedule during the holy month of Ramadhan:
  • Lesson starts at 7.45 am [Years 1 -6], 8.00 am [Preschool]
  • Lesson ends at 11.40am [all levels]
  • Recital of doa to be done every Thursday morning
  • Yasin recital on Saturday mornings
  • Berbuka Puasa anjuran PIBG SR Merangking [to be confirmed]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saying Goodbye and Good Luck...

SR Merangking staff are now down to 10 from 12 as we bid our goodbyes to our teachers transferring to another school in another district.

Leaving us were...

Cikgu Hajah Siti Noralifah binti Sapar

transferred to Sekolah Rendah Pengiran Pekerma Setia DiRaja Sahibul Bandar


Cikgu Rohayati binti Hj Sidek

transferred to Sekolah Rendah OKBI Subok

It is such a big loss to our school but everything's got to move on... We wish them both all the luck and success the world has to offer... All we can say now... WE MISS YOU ALREADY...

A very short update!

Assalamualaikum everybody...

We would like to apologize for the very long absence but now we're back online...

We'll update you from what we left you with last time which happened to be our staff day out to Temburong... and that was in April!! Sorry for the inconvenience caused again... we'll try to update weekly if not daily regarding what is happening with our school and surrounding...

Thank you again people... =) have a great day!