Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SR.Merangking Reaching The Star @ PEAKS!

Just right before the first term of school holidays started, Cikgu Johari & Cikgu Alysia attended the last phase of PEAKS; Level 4 & 5 @ The Baze of The Empire Hotel, which lasted for 4 days ( 10th - 13th March). 

The outcome of the course is to come up with a strategic plan that is specially designed to fit our school's current state. Strategic goals and actions are planned to be achieved in order to reach our vision: "Nurturing ICT cultures in school by creating & providing an innovative e-confident environment, to support & promote life-long learning", which is aligned with our MOE's vision.

During the process, lots of interesting and useful information was shared.

Cikgu Johari was given the opportunity to share his thoughts.

 At the end of the day, SR.Merangking was voted as "The Most Inspiring School", while Cikgu Johari was also voted as "Someone Who Inspires".

SR.Merangking graduated PEAKS with flying colours! So long~ Till we meet again! =) =)